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Why you need to target the mobile platform for your small business to grow?

Small businesses face a great deal of pressure when trying to pry away a chunk of customers from their enterprise counterparts. This mainly due to enterprises operating on a larger scale, which allows them to easily reach their targeted customers. In the face of such adversity, it is really cumbersome for small organizations to break through to their customers.

Over the past couple of years, investing in mobile marketing has proven to be beneficial for small businesses. After all, recent studies show that media consumption time on mobile is 51% whereas for desktop it is 42%. It is clear that small businesses should target mobile platform in order to gain more exposure.

Small businesses planning to go forward with a mobile strategy has two main components to look forward to:

  • A mobile oriented website.

  • A mobile application.

A responsive website

The increase in mobile usage has created a room for mobile websites. These days, most web developers can create fully functional websites for you in little to no time, and when small businesses try to cut costs and don’t get a responsive sites, it can have devastating effects for them.

With each passing day, the number of people accessing Internet through is phones is growing monumentally. However, it is also experienced that these users are very impatient when compared to their desktop-bound counterparts.

With the help of a responsive site, you are ensuring that wherever they are they can reach you, all they need is a good internet connection.

Why mobile apps?

By putting your mobile app onto the marketplace, you give your customers a smooth experience and so much more. With over 10 million apps on the app stores, every major brand has an app out today. So why don’t you get one for your mobile business?

You might be skeptical to the idea of having a mobile app against a responsive website, but to relieve you of this tension, a recent study shows that customers prefer mobile apps over websites. According to the studies, the apps are favored because of their convenience and ease of use.

Let’s take a look at a couple of reasons why people are inclined towards mobile apps.

  • Better customer support: Apps can be a great channel for effective and efficient support to customers, and everyone will agree that good customer support is essential in helping you increase your customers. Furthermore, these apps also help you deliver personalized support experiences directly to all of your customers.
  • Easy collection of data: Knowing how your customers are using your products and services is very crucial to your success. With the help of mobile applications, you can collect information directly from each of your customer allowing you to know what they like or dislike about your business. If properly developed, the app will easily allow you to tap into each of your targeted demographics and learning about their preferences.

And it’s not only the ease of use. You can push special promotions and offers to all of your customers without having to spend a fortune.

So you see, mobile marketing can really benefit your business if you invest enough time to chalk out a detailed plan after careful research.

Why your business should switch to WordPress?

Whether you are just setting up shop, or you’ve been in business for a long time, WordPress is your best option for your online presence. If you don’t know about WordPress, simply put, it is a publishing platform which can be used to build blogs and websites. It allows you to customize the design of your website with tons of themes and plugins.

WordPress is powering a lot of big brands these days, such as, New York Times Blogs, Ford, PlayStation, People Magazine and CNN along with countless others. If it’s good enough for these guys, why wouldn’t it be for your business? Let’s explore some of the reasons why your business website should be built using WordPress.

Easy on your budget

It doesn’t matter if you are setting up a site for yourself or someone else, WordPress isn’t going to cost you a single penny. The publishing platform is available to everyone completely free of cost. The best part is that there are no hidden charges or anything of that sort. You might have to spend some money on themes and plugins but the platform itself is totally free of cost.

A wide array of customization options

The availability of the wide and diverse array of customizations is yet another reason to switch over to WordPress. You can unleash your creativity and build the website of your dreams using hundreds of themes and plugins at your disposal.

If you don’t like the default options, you can use WordPress to customize the themes into something completely different. Then using widgets and short codes, you can extend the functionality to do whatever your site requires.


WordPress is a very flexible platform which allows people to build their websites, the way they want it. With a ton of functionality straight out of the box, users can focus on their business needs and even extend the functionality of the already available tools.

You can set up WordPress to adapt to various settings and perform different functions. All that is required from you is to spend some time and learn the platform. You’ll be amazed how it can transform your business.

Responsive designs

In this mobile era, if you want to keep your customers happy, your website should be fluent across the spectrum of devices in a household.

WordPress acknowledges this and supports responsive themes, which allow your customers to view your website on any device of their choice.

Readily available support

With countless people using WordPress and much more getting on, the WordPress community is growing with each passing day. With such an extensive community you don’t need to worry since almost every aspect of the platform has been explored and all the issues have been very well documented.

You can get answers to every single query on forums. The best part is that there are forums for everyone according to their skill level. Even if you want to extend the platform, you can find documentation on how to do it.


WordPress is growing in popularity with each passing day, so you don’t need to spend much time comparing your options for a reliable web platform.

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