Tips for Hiring a Web Developer

Unless you are sure of your requirements, selecting a developer for your website project can be a very tedious task. Now, because there are virtually no entry barriers to the domain and no license requirements for web developers, the market is flooded with companies and individuals or varying skill levels and capabilities. Here we’ll take a look at tips to consider when hiring web developers.

Take a look at their portfolio

The previous sites a developer has worked on are a strong indication of what type of work to be expected from them. When going through their portfolio, be on the lookout for aspects you’d want incorporated into your site. Whatever it may be, responsive design or fluid navigation, their portfolio is a great way to gauge the capabilities of the developer. On the other hand, if you have requirements for strong back-end capabilities, make sure to ask the candidates to bring their best work in their portfolio.

Look for a specialized skill-set

While many of the developers out there will claim that they can work with all of the available tech, the truth is that most of them are either designers or programmers. Now both of these fields are fairly specialized and it is rare to find people that can do both well.

When considering programmers, make sure to ask the candidates to designate the duties as to who will be doing the front end and who will be doing the back end programming. If you get an individual doing both of these themselves, you need to scrutinize their portfolio even more.

Look for optimization experience

In the earlier days, just having a website was enough for any business since not every company had one. Today, however, websites have proven to be a valuable asset for all organizations, in terms of marketing and customer engagement.

Make sure that the developers will not only build a stunning site for you but will also optimize the site for search engines.

Consider the long term

There are several considerations which should be taken into account when considering to hire a new developer. Make sure that you put all the terms and conditions on paper and that both the involved parties understand them all.

It is important that you make sure the developer will register your domain for you and put it in your organization’s account. It will ensure that you retain control over the site in event of you parting ways. Additionally, make sure to keep a copy for yourself. It is funny how many organizations spend a fortune on getting a new website and never keeping a copy with them.

Talk to their previous clients

Last but not the least, once you have shortlisted a web developer, it is highly recommended that you get references from them and talk to them. It will be a great indication for you to gauge the developer’s skills and their work ethics. Acting as a last safety measure before you start the project with them.

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